Post procedure care

Care for the scalp after the procedure oftrichopigmentation, is quite simple. 


Usually, to reduce psychological discomfort, clients leave after the procedure, putting on a cap, hood, hat. 


After a few hours, the skin reddening of the skin takes place, which arises from manipulations on the skin and from the effects of the needle on the skin. 


After the slight post-procedural redness disappears - the applied micropigmentation looks slightly brighter than in the healed form. On the surface of the skin, a crust invisible to the touch and visually is formed, which gives a brighter shade to the points, as it contains excess pigment, which, after healing, will not remain in the skin, but will disappear with the crust. 


This process is not noticeable to others and does not impose any restrictions on lifestyle. 

the day after the procedure of trichopigmentation, our clients calmly go to work, sports, meeting with friends and do not get any questions asked. 


The photo immediately after the micropigmentation of the scalp can be viewed in our photo gallery. 

Scalp Micropigmentation 

 tattoos on the head 

 this is the micropigmentation of the skin of the head, the qualitative imitation of hair follicules (down for 2-3 day after shaving) 

 solution of the problem of hair loss, complete or partial baldness 

 masking scars after replacing any type, as well as scars of other origin on the hairy hair 

 absolutely natural effect 

Scalp Micropigmentation

350 euros


Session duration 2.5  hours. On average, you need 2-4 sessions. 

Scalp Micropigmentation

901 euros



Or 2 treatments with a session of 5 hours


Scalp Micropigmentation

1299 - 1801 euros

Сourse of procedures

The average amount that costs the course of procedures for clients (4 procedures for 1.5 hours) 

Or 2 treatments with a session of 5 hours