Long-term trichopigmentation

Micropigmentation of the scalp is a procedure that is done for a long time, but not forever. 


The exact term oftrichopigmentation is impossible to predict - since all cases are individual. 


Life goes on, the cells of our organisms are renewed, metabolic processes occur that contribute to the fact that the appliedMicropigmentation of the scalp visually becomes lighter. 


We use professional and highly resistant pigments. but, unlike a tattoo that is done permanently, when applyingtrichopigmentation, the work goes on more superficial layers of the skin. therefore, trichopigmentation, unlike tattoo, does not turn blue.But for the same reason trichopigmentation has a certain service life - several years. 


The pigment does not disappear at once. after a certain period, it begins to gradually back up, this process stretches over years.But most customers come to renew at the first sign of a decrease in pigment intensity. 


Great importance is the saturation of the skin with its own pigment. Well pigmented skin takes better and keeps the pigment applied longer. 


For example, when working on African-American clients, only 1-2 procedures of trichopigmentation are enough! 


On dark skin 1-2 procedures are often enough. the largest amount of work is required on a completely white, "translucent" skin, you have to do from 5 procedures. 


It is very difficult to talk about the “average number of procedures” in trichopigmentation, because the result is directly related to the amount of its own pigment in the skin.Therefore, we can estimate the estimated number of sessions only by seeing a photo of the hair thinning zone.  More accurate prediction emerges from the results of the 1st procedure, when it becomes clear the rate of “survival” of points in a particular case. 


After an average of 1 year, the course of micropigmentation should be repeated. Sometimes the repetition of the course is necessary earlier because of the peculiarities of the skin and how the skin will accept the pigment, but there are also cases when trichopigmentation is perfectly preserved without additional procedures for a very long time. 


The course of updating trichopigmentation in most cases is shorter than the primary course, because the work is mainly on restoringcolour, the shape (frontal, side lines) is preserved and does not require further work unless the client himself has changed the wishes. 

Scalp Micropigmentation 

 tattoos on the head 

 this is the micropigmentation of the skin of the head, the qualitative imitation of hair follicules (down for 2-3 day after shaving) 

 solution of the problem of hair loss, complete or partial baldness 

 masking scars after replacing any type, as well as scars of other origin on the hairy hair 

 absolutely natural effect 

Scalp Micropigmentation

350 euros


Session duration 2.5  hours. On average, you need 2-4 sessions. 

Scalp Micropigmentation

901 euros



Or 2 treatments with a session of 5 hours


Scalp Micropigmentation

1299 - 1801 euros

Сourse of procedures

The average amount that costs the course of procedures for clients (4 procedures for 1.5 hours) 

Or 2 treatments with a session of 5 hours