How many procedures do I need? 

Usually it is requires at least 3-4 procedures. However, in each case the number of procedures is individual and depends on many factors, such as: amount of work, desired final colour, initial skin colour, etc. 

How much time must pass between the procedures? 

The procedure is performed at intervals of 2 -3 (individually may need more) days. Each procedure lasts 1.5 hours. 

How will I look right after the procedure? 

Immediately after the procedure, you cannot see the finished result. The result appears after about the second - the third procedure. Immediately after the procedure, a slight reddening is possible, which gradually subsides, in different cases this process takes from several hours to a couple of days. Usually the “points” of the pigment first look darker than the desired result. After a few days, the colourstabilizes and returns to normal. The number of procedures achieves the required "density" of points. 

How long does the result last after this procedure? 

After completing the full course of procedures, the update can be repeated every 6-12 months. 1-2 update procedures are usually enough. Pigment resistance is influenced by: individual metabolic rate, as well as sun exposure. Regular use of sunscreens extends the life of the micropigmentation. On the skin, initially sufficiently pigmented (dark) pigment holds on more steadily and for a long time, than on very light skin. 

I have scars after hair transplantation. Is it possible to use trichopigmentation for their camouflage? 

Yes. Camouflage can be made on any form of a scar formed after hair transplantation, both on a typical scar in the form of a strip, and on point scars. You can also do this procedure on a scar located in the scalp, having a different origin. The skin on the scar takes on a pigment that is an order of magnitude worse than usual; more procedures are required to achieve a result. 

How are my wishes taken into account in the form of micropigmentation of the scalp? 

Before the procedure is done drawing and selection of the form. There are parameters, given that the specialist makes a sketch with a special pencil. Individual wishes are welcome, such as - a soft or abrupt transition from the hairline to the scalp, rounded or pointed "corners" in the temples area, etc. In the first procedure, a soft transition from the hairline to the scalp is usually done, but in the following procedures if desired, can be strengthened. 

Does anaesthesia used during this procedure? 

NoSurface anaesthesia is not used in most cases, but if discomfort appears,anaesthesia can be used by a specialist, it is always available and is included in the cost of the procedure. 

How painful is the procedure? 

On the scale of pain during the procedure, trichopigmentation is noted by the majority of clients in the region of 1-3 

0 no pain 

1-3 mild pain 

4-6 moderate pain 

7-10 pain from severe to unbearable 

Can I take painkillers before the procedure? 

Yes, in case you decide to take a pain killer, it is better to do it 1 hour before the procedure and take paracetamol or ibuprofen. 

Does the pain persist after the procedure? 

NoSensations during the procedure can most likely be described as some discomfort, but not as pain, and there is no discomfort after the cessation of manipulations in the skin. 

Scalp Micropigmentation 

 tattoos on the head 

 this is the micropigmentation of the skin of the head, the qualitative imitation of hair follicules (down for 2-3 day after shaving) 

 solution of the problem of hair loss, complete or partial baldness 

 masking scars after replacing any type, as well as scars of other origin on the hairy hair 

 absolutely natural effect 

Scalp Micropigmentation

350 euros


Session duration 2.5  hours. On average, you need 2-4 sessions. 

Scalp Micropigmentation

901 euros



Or 2 treatments with a session of 5 hours


Scalp Micropigmentation

1299 - 1801 euros

Сourse of procedures

The average amount that costs the course of procedures for clients (4 procedures for 1.5 hours) 

Or 2 treatments with a session of 5 hours